Our Friends, the Enablers

Group camping trip at Joshua Tree National Park.

Reed and I have great friends. They’ve been supportive of us during tough times and always show up to my various “I’m leaving for 2 months!” and then obligatory “I’m back!” parties. I love them, I really do. But they are the biggest bunch of beer snobs I’ve ever met. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I love a complex glass of wine as much as any wine snob. But here’s the difference – I also drink box wine. According to my philosophy, there’s a time and a place for cheap booze in life. When I go into Green Flash to visit Reed I like to ask my server “So my favorite beer is Bud Light with Lime, which of yours should I try?” just to see the look of panic on their face. It’s hilarious, I highly suggest you try it next time you’re in an intimidating beer snob situation. I cannot imagine a situation when Reed or one of our friends would ever drink a Coors Light or Miller High Life. I am the designated driver when it comes to events like the Stone festivals and San Diego Beer Week, which always coincides with Reed’s birthday. This year, for his 30th, I’m pretty sure I’ll be renting a van and driving him and our friends around to various events all over the county in celebration of local craft beer.
Now I have been trying to get more into beer, mostly out of a desire to support my husband in his hobby of choice. For the better part of 2010 I ordered mostly beer when out on the town and tried all sorts. Mostly I learned what I don’t like, with Reed teaching me the correct terms for those styles or ingredients I want to avoid – like bitterness (hops), a burnt flavor (roasted) and pretty much anything strong (imperial). My palate was advanced, but “only’ to the level of lambics, wheat beers, belgian-styles, and the like. There’s plenty of selection at local places like Ritual Tavern and Toronado to keep me happy, but for the most part I still prefer wine. With dinner or a piece of chocolate at the end of a long day and yes, sometimes even out of a box.

The first thing I want when I get off a dry research ship is a glass of red wine.
Here, with beer lovers, in Valparaiso, Chile.