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Read my articles for Nerdist about Science and Technology. I am now a staff writer there! Many have a pop culture tie-in, of course. 

Convention Panels:

San Diego Comic-Con 2022 panel: The Mandalorian: Under the Helmet

Star Wars Celebration panel: Galactic Critters Big and Small

San Diego Comic Con Special Edition panel: The Grant Imahara Tribute Panel

San Diego Comic Con Special Edition panel: The “Science” of Fast & Furious

San Diego Comic Con Special Edition panel: The Science of Star Wars

San Diego Comic Con @Home panel: The Science of Star Wars

Star Wars ForceFest panel: Wildlife in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars ForceFest panel: Thank You, Grant Imahara

San Diego Comic Con panel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Stories and Science of Androids, Space Travel and Aliens

Science Representation in Popular Media:

Nerdist: “How Vampires Mess Up the Ecosystem”

Nerdist: “The Mandalorian’s Troubling Attitude Toward Wildlife”

Star Wars Insider: “The Secret Life of Porgs”

Star Wars Insider: “Slugs in Space”

Star Wars Insider: “The Eyes Have It”

Star Wars Insider: “Virtual Fandom” (print only, issue 204)

Star Wars Insider: “Industry, Laughter & Magical Times” (print only, issue 206)

Star Wars Insider: “Do You Speak Bocce?” (print only, issue 206)

Star Wars Insider: “Spice: Just Say No!” (print only, issue 209)

Fleet Science Center: “Reality Vs. Hollywood: Chemistry”

Fleet Science Center: “Reality Vs. Hollywood: Oceanography”

Fleet Science Center: “Reality Vs. Hollywood: Forensic Science”


How CODA’s Troy Kotsur Created Sign Language for the STAR WARS Universe

Inside The Practical Effects of the Star Wars Prequels

Invited Talk: Mystic Seaport Museum’s Adventure Series: Crossing Every Ocean for Science

Invited Talk: Scripps History is Women’s History

Ask A Fleetster: How deep is the ocean?

FleetTV – What is Science?

Oceanographer Miller Reads about Young Jacques Cousteau

Honoring Sally: Tam O’Shaughnessy Aboard the R/V Sally Ride

A Legacy of Seagoing Science Continues

Sharing Science:

Explorations Now: “A Line in the Sand: A brief history of the women of Scripps Institution of Oceanography”

AGU’s The Plainspoken Scientist: “Two scientists walk into a bar”

San Diego Science Writers Association blog, “Sally Ride Research Vessel Tour: Part II”

Nature: “Advice from the high seas: how to transition to a new lab”

Scientific American: “Self Isolation? I’m an Expert”

Research Highlights and Profiles:

“New Postdoctoral Fellows Add Expertise, Diversity to Physics Department”

“Chemistry at Play”

“Outreaching Science”

“San Diego Math Circle Widens at UC San Diego”

Press Releases:

“Midlife Refit of Research Vessel Roger Revelle Completed”

“New Cages to Trap Molecules Push Boundaries of Protein Design”

“New Study Identifies Thermometer for the Past Global Ocean”

Blog Posts Written At Sea:

Research Vessel Revelle and Quarantine blog posts

“The Roger Revelle Sails Again”

Research Vessel Mirai blog posts

Research Vessel Sally Ride blog, more than 100 posts

Research Vessel Agulhas II blog posts

“Teamwork makes the dream work: the Scripps technicians of GP15”