New England Round-up

A selection of Harpoon (MA) and Long Trail (VT) beers keep cold in the first snow of the season.

I’m now on a research trip across the North Atlantic, I won’t be back in San Diego until just before the holidays. It’s weird to be gone for so long but Reed and I try to make the best of it. He came out to New England with me for a week to do some sight-seeing, hang out with friends and, naturally, drink a lot of local beer. The people we stayed with read my blog and were prepared for our visit.

A seriously excellent combination for a snowy day.
Needless to say we had a wonderful time and the region can definitely hold its own with San Diego for good local breweries and beer snob-friendly places. We visited everything from a 3 man operation in the woods of Maine to the grandaddy of all craft beer, Sam Adams, with a stop at Allagash, one of my favorites, along the way as well.
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This is my home for the next 5 weeks. A dry ship crossing the North Atlantic from Massachusetts to the Cape Verde islands off Africa. Wish me luck!