Hiatus, back in April

I am quite behind in posts this winter and unfortunately that isn’t going to change right away. I leave for a work trip on Monday and won’t be back in town until mid-April. During that time I will spend a few weeks in South Africa and Australia, plus 5 weeks at sea. I plan to visit breweries on my travels and continue to write, but it is unlikely that I will post anything until I return. I already have many drafts and ideas waiting in the wings and cannot wait to have the time to bring them to fruition and get them posted. Here’s some things you can look forward to by summer 2012:
– Further ramblings from my New England trip including Bukowski’s Tavern in Boston and how this visit prompted much discussion and thought on what the definition of a dive bar is, Lion’s Pride restaurant and brewery in Maine which made a beer snob out of me, and a visit to Allagash.
– The various alcohol serving laws fascinate me and I plan to do some research and share what I discover about why tasting rooms in California can’t let you sit down or serve you so much as peanuts, why there’s no happy hour in Massachusetts, and other nonsensical rules.
– The sense of community within the craft breweries here in San Diego is amazing considering they’re all technically competitors. Instead of vying for the same customers this cooperation seems to have just expanded interest and with that led to expansion and an amazingly high concentration of quality small businesses bucking the trend of rough economic times. Mayor Sanders attends many craft brewery events to showcase San Diego as a beer destination and support the creation of local jobs.
– My 2012 resolution is to visit all the local breweries, sample their wares and get to know their stories.

In the meantime, enjoy craft beer and all that it can add to your life!

Me and Reed enjoying a happy buzz from the wonders of Lion’s Pride

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