Jazz Jam Feature Story Intro

** This post was written as an assignment for my Digital Journalism class through UCSD Extension.

The musicians are ready, their hands twitching above their respective instruments. Robert Dove yells “Here we go!” and sets his saxophone loose. Seamlessly, the others – a piano, standup bass and drums – join in. It’s just after 8pm on a Thursday night at Blind Lady Ale House and a three hour jazz jam has begun.

That opening note marks the first time these musicians have ever played together as a quartet. But band leader Dove had no doubts that the jam would be a success. He runs one every week and calls it a laboratory. A teacher by nature, even his explanation sounds like an SAT question. 

“I’ve played with Will (bass) and Bobby (keys),” Dove says, “But they’ve never played together. Will has played with Kana (drums). So I know A and B work with C and C works with D, ergo A=B=C=D. It’s going to work!”