Hi, I’m Melissa! Thanks for checking out my writing.

I graduated with a degree in Biology from UC San Diego and have worked at the university ever since. I am a marine technician and science writer at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, working in a chemistry lab both onshore and at sea. I love to write about my experiences as I travel around the world. I recently had a column published by Nature, check it out here!

For a year, I lived aboard the research vessel Sally Ride to document the people behind the research projects. Check out the blog, I wrote over 100 posts about living and working at sea.

I see the world through the eyes of a scientist and strive to help others feel that same sense of wonder and exploration. I am not the only scientist in my family – my husband brews beer and my dog investigates local parks, though she is very secretive about her findings.

I travel a lot and like to share what I learn about each new place. I also get inspired to write by movies and TV shows. And I write short stories and film scripts for fun too, and am working on a novel.